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#8325 by Roel
16 Jul 2017 19:23
Hello dear people who are left.

I just got the server running for a while because I got bored.
I realized again that this script should not be forgotten.
But I'm not here to tell you I will start developing or give you any false hope.
The only thing I want to say, if there are people left who still want to give x-roleplay a chance.
We will need a few people who can manage the server, I will try fixing important bugs.
And when I found someone that could do the development, I will give him a chance also.
If anyone is interested in managing this server, give me a sign on skype: roelsamp

I will provide hosting.

Regards, Roel.
#8326 by Brandon
23 Jul 2017 12:11
Hey Roel, nice to see you again. I don't really want to manage X-RP and all but I have something to say. I know you guys have something again X-Portal but PLEASE man. PLEASE. if not Shadow or Tom, atleast YOU come to X-Portal and put your scripting skills there. PLEASE man. today X-portal moved to hosted tab. Many newbies came in 1 hour. After seeing this, hope was renewed. I just want to request you. Not force. Please come back to X-Portal and try to contribute there. Armando will happily accept help from you. Anyway. nice to see you. Bye <3 Thanks for all those moments we spent in X- community. All that was possible because of you. We owe you a lot. thanks again
#8327 by likeasumbodee
23 Jul 2017 16:13
The last thing Roel should do is work with Armando, that guy is an abomination of a server owner and killed X-Portal months ago.
Although it does look like everyone who still checks here came from the X-Portal scene rather than X-RP which is interesting, probably all still here for the memories and people we remember from the old days.
#8329 by Corne
25 Jul 2017 23:47
Well, like I said before I'd sort of be willing to take over the server from you, although independently and not with someone watching behind my back. I'd even be willing to pay a fairly decent amount to take it over if that's what it takes (not very stable financially atm, so dont expect the price you mentioned, but still somewhat decent, especially considering the server's current situation). It's just that if I spend any more time on this server I want to be absolutely sure it doesn't fail again, that means taking over all responsibility and control, even if I end up being the one to blame if something goes wrong, at least I'd know it was my fault and not someone else's.

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