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#8338 by Shalev
18 Aug 2017 00:06
I was so happy when the server came back, even today when i saw the server is up and running.

Just to notify you, this server was my first RP server, people were so nice and i learned RP through a lot of good people, i love you all and hope to see you in game.
#8339 by Shalev
19 Aug 2017 03:55
Look, the server can still get players, the issue is that its not advertised on samp forums and it also doesnt show up on samp listing.
#8340 by Corne
26 Aug 2017 01:58
I believe I can more than safely say that this server is just not coming back. I've talked with the rest of the team about bringing it back several times, but there just doesn't seem to be enough motivation within the team to do so, at least not with the same team setup. If there is a future for this server, it's one where it's sold to someone else, likely to be an outsider that ends up ruining the server anyway. I've considered to make an offer on the server myself because of the great memories I have on it, but decided not to go through with it. Meanwhile, I've just continued to work on my own project. It's just a matter of time before the server goes down again, it's unmaintained and unmanaged, and the only reason it was put online again was purely for testing.

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