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#4798 by S-DOG
18 Feb 2016 18:38
Hello testers!

I think by now you all have heard the news, X-RP will open soon! We are doing the final test on saturday the 20th of February. We hope all of you can make it. Tom will soon publish a list of systems to try out on the day. Right now we are making all arrangements for saturday and we would always appreciate it if you hop in and help us out if you see us ingame.

We hope a lot of you can make it on saturday, the test can only work with a lot of players (it will be fully IC). We will of course thank all beta testers for their continuous effort over the course of the development, we couldn't have done it without you.

See you online!
#4799 by Anon
18 Feb 2016 18:40
I'm glad to see it opening and finally ^^ I will also try my best to be with you in Saturday. :)
#4808 by Corne
18 Feb 2016 19:03
Any specific time? I'll do my best to be there.
#4810 by S-DOG
18 Feb 2016 19:15
Not sure yet, but It's probably somewhere around 8PM dutch time.

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