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#7504 by Haunted
26 May 2016 12:26
Hello guys, I am Alexander AKA Haunted and I am 15 years old. I'm from Bulgaria, Plovdiv and I recently started the server like at the start of this week. Can't wait to see and roleplay with all of you in game. I am kind of a professional shooter and I've been in a clan that won a few times tournaments in SAMP. See ya!
#7517 by Lord
26 May 2016 17:25
So you can bug sawn-off like a god huh? Welcome to our comunity, enjoy this amazing server ;) :D
#7518 by Haunted
26 May 2016 17:28
Naaah, theres a player that is god in 2 things only, I am with deagle/shotgun and sniper.
Each one of the members of the clan is god at something.

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