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#7675 by S-DOG
02 Jun 2016 16:22
- Improved the vehicle siren's positioning.
- Added string splitters on regular chat, so it will display long texts in 2 lines.
- Gave the RCFR permissions for the fire engine doors.
- Changed advertisement color so it can't be confused for newbie chat.
- Added /fixvw command to let players fix their own virtual world, should they encounter any problems.
- Changed /impoundcar to park vehicles in the impound lot without despawning them. Players will need to /park the vehicle again when they get it back from the cops.
- Fixed /tapwater or /harvest not working at Blueberry square.
- Fixed MDC vehicles showing invalid names for faction vehicles.
- Fixed report string length causing reports not to display to admin sometimes.
- Fixed account names not being checked for bans, but only IP's.
- Added offline ban and unban for administrators.
- Added administrator announcement command.
- Added checks on invalid characters and use of _ on forced namechanges.
- Fixed clothing stores only giving out 1 faction uniform, even though you payed for more.
- Fixed outside dropped objects sometimes still showing their text, even after they despawned.
- Fixed time amounts for ajail and tempban not displaying correctly.

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