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#7598 by Trisha
28 May 2016 22:12

Name: Rita "Flaca" Tate
Age: 21
Weight: 140
Height: 5'9

Flaca is the proverbial sad story of inner city life, too often untold in, and around the country. She was of Spanish descent, and happened to grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, being Ganton. While "wrong" might not fully describe what she went through growing up, she always felt out of place in the predominately black neighborhood. She became enamored with the flash, and cash of local (and international drill) rappers. By the time she was thirteen, she was already hanging around the Varrios Los Aztecas; any by extension, the Grove Street Families. At first her involvement was purely superficial. More eye candy than an actual member to any particular gang.

Her family sort of stopped caring whether she came back or not, and she stopped caring about going home. She was beautiful, so she made money for her affiliates by stripping at parties, and offering other services if the money was right. If was at one of these very events that she found herself in the middle of a shootout between two rival gangs. Even half-clothed, she didn't hesitate to open fire into a crowd of people. And at that moment, she became an official member of the 'G.S.L. 70's'. Life got funner, but more dangerous. The stakes kept raising until human stupidity caught up with them.

Even though they were usually masked, the gang tended to record many of their crimes, and even sing/rap about it. It wasn't difficult for the police to eventually locate, and arrest most of the members. Fearing the worst, Rita got her stuff, and skipped town. Landing in PC...

Affiliations: Grove Spider Loc's 70 Block Family

Personality: "Respectful". She'll always try to make sure the other person crosses the line first. That being said, she's merciless in a fight. Begging her to not do something she's set on her mind on doing to you is useless. She has the proverbial inner city gangbangers mind. Guns, Drugs, and Sex. But money comes first. She's ironically a really fun person to hang around, if one is aware how volatile she can be.

Her future, near future: I see Rita trying to spread gang principles in, and around the PC area. Performing robberies, extortion, and murder if necessary. This spans all the way to Grand Theft Auto, and whatever else might bring money.

(Think I'll keep it simple this time around)

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