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#8145 by Liinbon
09 Sep 2016 19:00
Optimus Prime wrote:If you forget me but i don't forget you mate :)
Its me Kaushal a.k.a [ES]TeesMaarKhan or _Optimus_Prime_ Mate :)

Captain Obvious Strikes!
I did not forget you. :-p
#8148 by Optimus Prime
10 Sep 2016 08:45
likeasumbodee wrote:Hey man, nice to hear from you :mrgreen:

Thank you Alex :)

SWGamer wrote:Ahh my favourite doc.

Oh i love you Gamer <3 <3 <3

By the way What the hell happened here? Where X-Portal gone?
#8162 by S[t]range
16 Sep 2016 16:12
X-P closed and now it is X:RP.
welcome back,mate.
#8307 by benq
23 Dec 2016 14:28
Welcum back optimus can i have ur whatsapp number?

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