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#8275 by Brandon
04 Nov 2016 12:14
Hi guys, I'm back with another post...... sort of.......

Anyways, what (I think) is left of the X family is some deep bullshit. I can't even begin to describe how much I hate SAMP nowadays. Corne what you did was just another failure. By trying to bring this server back is a waste of time cuz just face it. GTA SA IS OVER A DECADE OLD. GET OVER IT.

The devs are just wasting time trying to bring back X-Portal...... And Roel.... I didn't expect you to be back. Don't get me wrong. I mean, you say you are a web developer. Fine. But you are scripting for SAMP! That's like a doctor trying to chop wood.

Believe me guys. Nothing is gonna come now. You can script all you want, you can test all you want. 'X-roleplay' is still gonna be a failure. Don't waste time anymore guys. If you like multiplayer games (like I do) play GTA V or some shit. There's a lot of stuff to do. Instead you are wasting time in GTA SA trying to get 'more players' in your server. SAMP is old now. Everything has to die one day. Even the Earth will end. This game has give us a lot of memories but just get along with it. MOVE ON! I know to those who love SAMP, this might sound a little rude. I know, it did to me too. But now I've realized that SAMP is dead bullshit. Trying to revive it is a waste of time. I heard a saying 'No matter how big a cup is, as long as it's empty, it's dead weight' I didn't even rememer it till now. I don't even know why I decided to write this. Just for the sake of friendship I had with people like Strange, Legion, Tom(maybe), Peire and many others I did this. Sorry if this hurt you. Don't form a negative image of me in your mind. You are free to play what pleases you. This is just an advice.
PS. I never liked any of you ever.
My last post here. Goodbye. Hope we never meet again.

Even if we do, don't contact me. Have the worst day of your life.

May satan be with your
#8276 by Brandon
04 Nov 2016 16:24
The only REAL friends whom I really respect are
George kenway
Tomboeg maybe?

And Thats it!
#8286 by Lord
22 Nov 2016 04:04
So true, unfortunately SAMP is really dying, some days ago I was looking for popular servers (2014/2015) and now they're not, simply..

I hope you remember me xD see you in another dimension

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