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#8303 by Corne
11 Dec 2016 03:25
What I did in the development team might have been another failure but that was . I have had a different vision of how things should have been ever since I met with Tomboeg in early 2015 or late 2014 (cant remember). I did change opinion on various things, but even if I'd continue development and tried to change everything to how I'd envision it - it would have taken ages and I'd not be able to put through everything due to opinion differences in the team. I instead chose to leave the development team to work on my own server and save time and effort. San Andreas Multiplayer is far from dying - in fact . The main reason this server didn't make it is because the owners are too busy with their personal lives to keep track of the server - I was going to take over that task but even though I generally really like the server I'd rather make my own even if that comes with some more responsibilities.

I'm going to assume that this server isn't coming back, so if someone here wants to stay updated about my own server, feel free to add me on Skype: corne.lichtendonk
#8305 by [sZ]GangsteR_
19 Dec 2016 01:51
Dude, If you want I can do some BETA testing for your server and report you some bugs and i can help you with suggestions and ideas if possible ;)!

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